Spillman has helped correctional facilities across the country overcome their data management challenges for more than 20 years. From command staff to booking, medical to commissary, and housing to IT, Spillman’s jail management software helps personnel throughout your jail work safely and efficiently.

The corrections division liked Spillman software’s ability to be customized. This, coupled with an intensive training package, is very impressive.

Kenneth Massey, Corrections Undersheriff
Douglas County Sheriff, KS
Customer for 8 years

We are proven leaders of robust JMS and RMS software, seamless connecting important data in real time and freeing you up to successfully manage your inmate population. Jail statistics are available at-a-glance, and analytical reports help you identify and reduce disciplinary problems. Spillman’s intuitive booking checklist, integration with law records, and comprehensive inmate histories ensure that you save time without missing vital inmate information.

Spillman also excels at enabling you to share information with neighboring police departments,sheriff’s offices, communications centers, and fire departments for total public safety interoperability.

With more than 40 off-the-shelf modules to choose from, our software allows you to customize a jail management system to meet your facility’s individual needs while benefitting from off-the-shelf pricing.

Regular software upgrades and site licensing ensure that your software continues to serve you as a long-term investment. Spillman’s proven professional services assist you throughout every stage of purchasing, implementation, support, and ongoing training.

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