Alpha Identity Solutions has brought to market a family of unique high-end digital livescan fingerprint collection,archiving, and transmission systems that are the best available anywhere, but only at about half the cost of competing systems.

The LS1100 TM is designed specifically for law enforcement and government users that require extreme ease of use, ability to survive the hostile police booking environment, small size, portable capability, and, of course, affordability.

The LSls1100home1100 consists of a rugged case that bolts down to your booking desk, custom hardened electronics, a comprehensive suite of fully integrated control software driven by a color touchscreen for extreme ease of use, a full-rolled forensic-quality fingerprint capture/scan device, and embedded documentation — all fully FBI and State Certified for full-rolled/four-finger slap prints.  There are no wires, keyboards, or mouse and no PC is needed.

The system is extremely simple to use with no confusing commands to memorize; has no archaic foot pedals; and is fast, reliable, and includes everything you need to collect, archive, and transmit fingerprints. There is nothing else needed to buy.

The LS1100 performs four functions critical to law enforcement: (1) It scans and collects all 14 full-rolled/flat-slap prints needed for all federal, state, and local print cards; (2) Prints hardcopy fingerprint cards if needed; (3) Archives that information into an internal integrated database for later retrieval for re-printing, re-checking, charge code modification, etc; and (4) Transmits the fingerprint information to state and federal authorities for fast strong identification and criminal history rap-sheet return based on FBI/state fingerprint lookup within minutes.

The system handles everything easily and simply: Criminal arrest charge codes (periodically updated); Data entry syntax checking to FBI standards to prevent errors; Automatic self-scoring/grading of collected prints to eliminate rejects from the state; and even takes, collects, and transmits mugshots/SMT photos with the optional LS-Mugshot.

The system is fully warrantied and guaranteed and comes with automatic periodic software updates and enhancements across the Internet.

Alpha Identity Solutions provides 24/7/365 telephone support to you from our Colorado headquarters that never expires – even if your system goes out of warranty. We NEVER abandon our customers!

Since product launch, hundreds of livescan systems have been delivered to law enforcement, government, the U.S. Army, a major federal airport and others across the country.