The LS/GunSmoke™ fingerprinting system enables firearms dealers and manufacturers and their customers to easily be in full compliance with the new federal.

ATF Rule 41F.

LS/GunSmoke also enables firearms dealers and concealed carry/CCW instructors to offer fast and efficient in-house fingerprinting as required by state and federal law to students.  LS/GunSmoke has been designed specifically to fulfill the fingerprinting needs of firearms dealers and manufacturers in one simple bundled package. Nothing else is needed to be purchased — not even fingerprint cards! The new ATF Rule 41F, now in full force, mandates comprehensive fingerprint background checks for persons that purchase or transfer Class National Firearm Act (NFA) firearms or accessories.

The federal ATF required background check is initiated by the firearms dealer having the customer complete ATF Forms 5320.23/4 along with two FD-258 fingerprint cards and a passport quality photograph.  The LS/GunSmoke system bundles everything needed by a firearms dealer or manufacturer for full ATF compliance and/or state/federal concealed carry/CCW fingerprinting compliance into a single simple and affordable solution.lsgunsmoke

The system is extremely simple to use with no confusing commands to memorize and type — everything is visual with graphical icons that you touch on the touch screen that guide you through the process. There are no archaic foot pedals and the system is fast, reliable, and includes everything that you need to quickly collect, archive, and print paper fingerprint cards.  There is nothing else that you need buy.

The LS/GunSmoke system performs four functions critical to firearms dealers: (1) It scans and collects all full-rolled/flat- slap fingerprints required for the ATF and state/federal background checks; (2) It prints perfectly formatted hard copy fingerprint cards on either the old style cardboard forms or on 8 1/2 x 11 plain paper accepted by all agencies; (3) It archives that information into an internal integrated database for later use such as when a customer purchases another Class 3 firearm or accessory; and (4) It transmits the fingerprints electronically to state and federal authorities either direct or through an FBI Chaneller (we can help set that up for you) in states where that is applicable — or that will be in the future.

The LS/GunSmoke handles everything easily and simply;Automatic self-scoring/grading of fingerprints as they are scanned virtually eliminates card rejects from the ATF or state; Data entry checking to FBI standards prevents errors and rejects; and the LS/GunSmoke even optionally takes and prints passport style photographs required by the ATF. In addition, if you wish, the system also optionally collects and stores digital customer signatures that speed up repeat purchase processing. The system includes a one-year full software/hardware warranty with maintenance software updates, standard fast and easy training (20-minutes) with included telephone/remote-access real-time PC-to- PC training, a reference video DVD, optional on-site training if required, and access to our 24/7/365 telephone support hot-line.

Access to the 24/7/365 telephone support hot-line continues forever, even with out of warranty systems. Alpha Identity Solutions never abandons its customers! The warranty and software maintenance updates can be extended, if you wish, at the end of the first year that is covered in the original purchase price for a simple economical fee.  In comparison, several competitors charge more for annual warranty/maintenance extension than the entire LS/GunSmoke system costs. In addition, if you ever go off warranty/maintenance with them, you can never get back on. Alpha Identity Solutions has no such restrictions — You can stay off warranty/maintenance after the first covered year if you wish and then come back on at any time with no restrictions.


 ATF Rule 41F compliance for Class 3 firearms dealers and manufacturers.

 In-house fingerprinting for concealed carry/CCW classes in applicable states


 Fully FBI Certified.

 Usable for Rule 41F compliance in all fifty states.

 Usable for concealed carry/CCW fingerprint transmission and/or hardcopy fingerprint cards in applicable states.

 Collects full-rolled and all flat-slap fingerprints needed for FBI fingerprint cards.

 Archives up to 20,000 fingerprint sets in integrated internal database for later use. Easy to use color touch screen interface – Walks you through fingerprint scan sequence.

 Automatic scoring/grading of scanned fingerprints to virtually eliminate ATF/FBI/state rejects.

 Periodic software updates over the Internet with no muss, no fuss for you.

 Hard pack carrying case available for portable use.

 Comes fully configured for your location and ready to go straight out of the box.

 We talk you through simple system setup on arrival and fully train you in just a few minutes.

 Leasing programs available.

 Includes the Secure Outcomes digital livescan fingerprinting base touch screen laptop system.

 …FBI Certified fingerprint scan device.

 …FBI Certified paper fingerprint card printer (print on cardboard print forms or on plain paper).

 …Color applicant wall-mounted camera with German-made Carl-Zeiss glass optics (option).

 …Integrated passport-sized color printer (option).

 …Integrated digital signature capture device (option).

 …Fully integrated control software package.

 …One-year full software/hardware warranty with maintenance software updates.

 …Access to the Secure Outcomes 24/7/365 Telephone Support Hot-Line FOREVER from our Colorado headquarters with native speakers.