LS-Crypto (MIL Grade Option)

Crypto Fingerprint identification and other text information collected and stored by Secure Outcomes products are encrypted to provide data security in the event of theft or loss of a system.

There are two levels of encipherment:

Standard Encryption, which ships as default at no extra cost with each Alpha Identity Solutions system is of export quality according to the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (“BIS”). BIS has assigned export ECCN classification 3A981 to this product, which means that Alpha Identity Solutions products with this encryption can be shipped to any NATO country without special specific export licensing and to other countries with such licensing. This data blurring protection partially depends on a special TEA-based crypto hardware device provided by the German company SG-Lock and partially on embedded software.rsz_crypto

LS-Crypto Encryption, Alpha Identity Solutions’ custom “military-grade” encipherment package, is designed for military and government sites that require higher security of all scanned fingerprint and textual data.

LS-Crypto implements the fingerprint crypto protocol detailed in the Alpha Identity Solutions issued patent #8,331,775 and depends onAES-256, SHA-256, and a Blum-Blum-Shub random number generator seeded by well defined system entropy. An up to 128-character passphrase is used as key precursor.

LS-Crypto is a separately priced option and requires special BIS licensing for export.